Leather Fire Helmets - Traditional

Leather fire helmets are perhaps one of the most iconic images that people think of when the word firefighter is mentioned.

What is the difference between NFPA and OSHA helmet styles?

Some leather fire helmet manufacturers have to different helmets to meet the 2 national standards that fire departments usually adhere to (NFPA & OSHA). With Phenix Fire Helmets, the leather helmet is the same for both styles. The only difference between the NFPA leather firefighter helmet and the OSHA leather fire helmet is that the NFPA leather fire helmet will include eye protection and an NFPA sticker. Eye protection is not required for the OSHA certified helmet.

The OSHA is less expensive because the goggles are not required and certifications costs are less as well. The helmets are exactly the same. Most departments require the helmet to meet NFPA standards. The NFPA leather helmet TL2 meets both NFPA and OSHA standards.