Headlight & Tail Light Flashers

SoundOff was the first to work with Chevrolet and Ford to develop Plug-in Flasher systems exclusively designed for specific "Police Package" vehicles created for the law enforcement community. These vehicles have built-in wiring that our flashers simply and easily "plug into" which will almost eliminate installation time and insure wiring integrity.


Headlight flashers refer to a device or product that you connect or install into your personal vehicle or apparatus that, when activated, uses your existing head light and/or tail lights to flash and integrates those existing lights as part of your vehicles emergency lighting system.

Studies have shown that during the day, the bright white lights of your vehicles headlight system is one of the most effective warning lights you can have to alert other motorists and pedestrians of your approach or presence. The intense brightness of the lights allows you to respond safer and for efficiently.

Headlight flashers, or WIG WAGS as they were first termed, started appearing sometimes in the late 70's and early 80's (on a mass scale). First versions used a relay inside a large box to flash each light. Now, modern Headlight Wig Wags & Tail Light Flashers all use solid state driven components for accomplishing the same task.


Now with companies likeSpeedturtle Engineering Headlight Flashers installation and operation of flashers and wig wags are much easier. They have engineered flashers that allow you to simple plug a device into your vehicles EXISTING computer ports (BCM ports) and when activated flash your headlights, tail lights, turn signals and other lights depending on your vehicle.

Speedturtle Wig Wags And Headlight Flashers are easy to install. From box opening to operation, you can have yours installed in minutes.