A tourniquet is a life saving device that is used to stop all blood flow to a bleeding limb like your arms or legs. Lacerations or severing of large vessels in your body can quickly lead to life threatening blood loss in a matter of seconds. A quick application of the North American Rescue C-A-T Gen 7 Tourniquet can result in positive life saving outcomes for those affected. Most tourniquets consist of a way to strap a restricting band around the limb, a way to lock it in place, and then finally, a way to tighten the band around the limb to squeeze on the affected limb. This causes blood flow to stop or greatly restricts blood flow so that the bleeding is controlled. To control bleeding after an injury to a limb, tourniquets should ideally only be used by first responders trained in emergency first aid. Knowing when (and when not) to use a tourniquet to control bleeding can be difficult to ascertain. Time from injury to application of a tourniquet is critical for a positive outcome. You must have a tourniquet immediately available at all times. Doing so can mean the difference in life and death for affected individuals.


We offer some of the industries best and most effective tourniquets. Our popular RATS Tourniquet is a low cost yet high quality option that can be quickly deployed for life saving interventions. A very simple temporary tourniquet that can be easily stored, quickly deployed and rapidly replaced is the Lightning X Buckle Style Tourniquet.