Firefighter Turnout Gear

Veridian Firefighter Turnout Gear

High-Quality Turnout Gear for Firefighters

Veridian Fire Protection gear has been providing firefighters around the world high quality firefighting protective clothing since 1992. Quickly becoming one of the most recognized brands in the United States with a reputation for exceptional quality standards, extreme comfort, high performance and on time delivery. You spend less time worrying about your gear, and more time doing the job you love.

Veridian is not an off the shelf solution. Although, Veridian is able to offer delivery times for fully custom turnout gear in less than 4 weeks, each order is custom made to your unique specifications. With The Public Safety Store's partnership with Veridian, we are able to obtain your department's operational requirements and turn into a specification of gear that meets that exact need. It's your gear - get it built your way.

Custom fit Turnout Gear

When it comes to firefighter turnout gear, most manufacturers will offer a "1 Spec Fits All" approach. Options for most gear must be sewn in exact locations on every gear. If an option for other manufacturers doesn't exist, you can't get it.

Veridian will build your gear YOUR way. Do you want a mask bag built into the side of your turn out pants? Not a problem. Do you want a bail out bag sewn in to the front of your turn out jacket? Say no more! Veridian will make your gear exactly the way you want it with the highest quality standards in the industry to assure a long lasting, high quality set of gear that offers superior protection.

With beginnings in Kentucky, Veridian Fire protective gear is now manufactured in Spencer, Iowa where a highly skilled team carefully assembles each order. With extreme focus on quality and service, Veridian Fire Protective gear should be your next choice for your department.

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Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia. If your department needs a quote on Veridian Turnout Gear, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to work through the specifics, get you a quote, and arrange a demo of the gear! Contact our Sales Manager to discuss your department's turnout gear needs.