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The Public Safety Store is a firefighter-owned business in Lexington, Kentucky dedicated to servicing each of you; all who are involved in Public Safety – The Brave Behind the Badge. Our goal is to offer our customers with high-quality, life-saving and dependable products, at a low cost, while providing confidence and reliability throughout the order process and well beyond.

Humble Beginnings:

It's no secret that firefighters and even police officers spend their own money on equipment and supplies. I know that because in 2002 I decided to do the same. I went to our local volunteer fire department and told them I was all in. I left my family and friends to respond to our neighbors in need and expected nothing in return. I sought the lowest cost on supplies and equipment. I realized a need to provide products and services at a low cost to first responders all around the country.

In 2004 I created a website, learned about business licenses, formed an LLC and somehow convinced a couple of manufacturers to open up an account. I had a garage and bought lights and sirens to fill it up. I wanted to have it on the shelf when you ordered.

We restructured in 2009 and hit the ground running. We grew faster than ever. We were still operating out of my home. We went to trade shows, schools and departments and put our products in front of the people who were using them and you in turn trusted us with your business.


Growing Pains:

In 2012 we had a problem. During a busy Christmas season, I had embroidery machines in our living room. My wife and I realized that we couldn't continue this situation. So we decided to search for a commercial business location. We found one signed the lease and moved everything in to a 1600 square foot box. It was literally a small box with an even smaller office. It smelled of mildew and used oil. We had a tool and die shop right next to us.

When things aren't in your home anymore, it's harder to ship an order at 3 am as sometimes we often would. We needed to hire an employee. We did and that was a true adjustment to transition.

By 2014 we had 2 full time and 1 part time employee. We quickly outgrew our small location. We wanted a true retail location. We once again found ourselves looking for another retail location. After searching for what seemed like forever, we settled on our current location.


Continued Success:

Store Front w/ Warehouse Space

Our original space in the current building was 4,000 sq. ft of office, retail, and warehouse space located in beautiful Lexington, KY the heart of the Bluegrass State. Sales have continued to climb through the years, and we have added additional staff, both for internal operations and a variety of inside and outside sales positions, to meet the needs of our customers and our increasing order volume.

In 2020, we took over two of our neighboring units and added 7,000+ sq. ft of warehouse space, jammed full of all of your favorite gear and equipment! Needless to say, business has grown, and we are beyond thankful for each and every order that we receive.

A Personal Note:https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-rv2sbmgv37/images/stencil/original/image-manager/img.png?t=1662403183

Since 2002 I have served as a Volunteer Firefighter, an EMT, a police dispatcher, and now am a full-time paid career Lieutenant Firefighter / Paramedic with central Kentucky's largest paid department. (Local 526!)

I have a team of dedicated individuals who are dedicated to your success. Some have been firefighters or police officers in the past. Some just have a passion for delivering a diverse array of high-quality products at fair prices.

I cannot assure you that every order will be perfect. Any company that does is simply not being honest with themselves or you. What I personally can promise you is that if something is wrong, we will fix it. We will offer the lowest possible price, the fastest shipping we can do and we will answer your questions as soon as we possibly can.

We celebrate what's right and fix what's wrong. You are our brothers and sisters. If you wear a badge, we are behind you. We are behind your families who sacrifice so much.

Thank you for your business, your loyalty, your selflessness, your courage and most importantly your dedication to serve those who depend on you.

These are the reasons that we are different. These are the reasons why we are The Public Safety Store.

Sean Lawson, President
The Public Safety Store, LLC




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