Vehicle Lighting

Emergency vehicle lighting equipment can be one of the most important aspects of your firetruck, police vehicle or ambulance. You need the tools to use when you get the scene but you also need an adequate led lightbar, mini led lightbar like the SoundOff Pinnacle mini bar or led dashlight to trust to get you to that scene. Pair that with a great Carson Siren, and siren speaker you have a safe apparatus that you can trust to get you to and from the emergency you are responding to. At The Public Safety Store we'll help you return to your family in the same way you left them.


Out of over 1 million firefighters in the country, nearly 70% are volunteer. Many of those respond directly from their home to the scene of the emergency or to the fire station in order to drive the fire truck to the scene. Time is critical during an emergency. Many states allow firefighters to equip their personally owned vehicle (often times referred to as a POV) with emergency lights and sirens in order to safely expedite their response.

Volunteer firefighter lights and sirens are installed in the vehicle in order to warn motorist that the vehicle is responding to an emergency and request the other cars to yield to the emergency vehicle.


Police emergency lights are also installed on police cars and other law enforcement applications so that those vehicles can also respond to emergencies. With our complete selection of SoundOff Lightbars, Sirens & Speakers we can equip your vehicle or an entire flight with police lightbars and sirens. The most distinguishable indicator of a responding emergency vehicle is dash lights, deck lights, "wig wags" and flashing lightbars.