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COVID-19 Supplies and Infection Control

We have worked very hard to source products from around the world to help fight the COVID-19 battles! These products keep you safer, and help you help others.
IN STOCK Lightning X EMS Alcohol Prep Pads - Box of 200
List Price: $8.99
Sale Price: $6.99
Hand Sanitizing Wipes - 45 Count Per Package - Value Line
List Price: $7.99
Sale Price: $7.25
Alcohol Wet Wipes - 50 Pack
List Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $9.99
1 Gallon Hand Sanitizer GEL With Pump - Made in USA
List Price: $44.99
Sale Price: $43.99
Easy Foam Hand Soap 7.5 oz
List Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $2.74
Disinfectant Spray Micro Kill Foaming Disinfecting Spray
List Price: $7.99
Sale Price: $6.99
Disposable Isolation Gown
List Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $5.99
No Touch Infrared Thermometer
List Price: $74.99
Sale Price: $54.99
Black Fabric Face Mask
List Price: $5.49
Sale: $5.49
Anti-Spectic Hand Rub 8oz Bottle Liquid
List Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $4.99
IN STOCK - 8 oz Hand Sanitizer Made in USA
List Price: $7.99
Sale: $7.99
List Price: $10.99
Sale Price: $9.49
Full Length Face Shields
List Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $4.99
10 Pack of Procedural / Surgical Face Masks
List Price: $8.99
Sale: $8.99
List Price: $14.99
Sale: $14.99
Nitrile Gloves - Box of 100
List Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $15.99
Blue Nitrle Exam Gloves - Small or Medium Only
List Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $17.99
Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves Box Of 300
List Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $29.99
Lightning X EMS Black Nitrile Gloves - Large (Pack of 2)
List Price: $3.49
Sale Price: $2.99
Lightning X EMS Black Nitrile Gloves - Large (50 pairs)
List Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $24.99
Safety Glasses - Checklite CL1 - Clear Lens
List Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $0.99
Premium Pulse Oximeter SP02 Oxygen Sensor
List Price: $44.99
Sale Price: $38.99


We have COVID 19 supplies for churches business, schools and nursing homes in stock in our Lexington, KY warehouse. We don't have to order from China, we don't have wait on a truck! All of our COVID 19 business supplies are in stock and updated daily.

COVID Cleaning supplies and disinfectants have been terribly hard to source for businesses and schools. Our team of purchasers have scoured the country to find the highest quality supplies at the lowest available pricing.

If your church or office is looking for COVID supplies we have that as well. Your office or church can remain open and keep serving and meet local, state and federal guidelines with the covid19 supplies here.

Quantity Discounts Are Available!

If you are looking to purchase large quantities of our products, please use our Contact Us Form and let us know!

Are you a inmate detention center looking to purchase PPE supplies?

Your inmates are very vulnerable due to the close proximity of each other and the necessary confinement. This puts jails and correctional institutions and their staff in a very difficult situation that requires personal protection equipment for both inmates and staff. Hand sanitizer, gowns, gloves and other PPE supplies are a must. Let us help.