Clothing & Apparel

Firefighter Job Shirts, Fire Hoods, Uniform Apparel and more are right here. It takes a lot of extras to do your job and we have them right here.


At The Public Safety Store, we pride ourselves on offering top-of-the-line clothing and apparel that incorporates cutting-edge fabric technology, a perfect fit, and practical design elements. Our collection includes everything from base layers and performance wear to casual clothing, accessories, and uniforms. From shirts and pants to shorts and outerwear, we have it all. We also have a wide range of headwear options, including army hats, tactical hats, jackets, rainwear, jumpsuits and more. In addition, we offer a variety of badges, identification, military patches, and emblems. Our clothing is designed to meet the needs of all public service sectors, including law enforcement, the armed forces, federal agencies, firefighters, rescue squads and EMS.