Medical Supplies


When you go to the shift and are prepared to be battle ready for the calls you will respond to, you will use a variety of EMS Medical supplies throughout your shift. Nitrile Gloves, diagnostic equipment, personal protective equipment PPE like gloves, N95 Masks and disinfecting supplies all allow you to treat your patients in the safety way. There are other companies who claim to offer a complete supply of EMS Supplies and equipment, but we mean it.

Nitrile Gloves

Your job as a medical provider is inherently dangerous and risky. At a moments notice you could be responding to a vehicle accident and the next you may be responding to a scheduled transport. It's a tough career. Keep yourself safe with our selection of EMS & Firefighter nitrile gloves. With some of the best brands in the world at prices that allow you to stretch your budget, we offer a complete solution to body substance isolation BSI products.

EMS Gear Bags And Backpacks

We offer some of the top brands in the world for EMS gear bags. Some departments want you to carry EMS Back Packs and Gear Bags as a primary style. This has many advantages over typical EMS Bags & Pouches. It can free your hands up while you perform lightning fast assessments. It can also allow additional pouches and compartmentalization so that you can access equipment much quicker.