Halligan Bar / Pro Bars & Tools

Halligan bars / Halligan tools is one of the most versatile tools in the fire service. Halligan tools are used in firefighter and law enforement forcible entry operations all over the world. 


Perhaps no other tool in the fire service has such a long standing tradition that the Halligan Bar. The Halligan Bar / Halligan Tool / Pro-Bar has been a keystone in the firefighters tool kit for forcible entry and other operational tasks since it's creation way back in 1940's.

Perhaps no other tool in the fire service has the label of being as efficient as the Halligan tool. The firefighter's halligan bar design is extremely simple, yet massively and mathematically complicated. Consisting of nothing more than simple machines, the halligan tool contains 3 very simple tools.


This is the flat surface on one end that is about 6 inches long and curved. It allows you to force the curve around the jams of doors and get into small spaces in order to use mechanical advantage to overcome the door you are trying to open.


This is a relatively sharp pointed tool on the same end as the adz, that allows you to quickly breach locked doors and use the Halligan bar to essentially wedge itself through clasped locks or other locking devices.


This part of the tool is extremely versatile as well. It allows you to break latched locks, or use as a wedge to pry.


The Firefighter Halligan Bar Tool is extremely versatile and can be used for many other applications in the modern firefighting service. Cutting bolts, prying windows open, securing a ladder, clearing window and door openings and pulling nails are all uses of the Halligan Bar that firefighters use in forcible entry and search and rescue operations today.