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Council Tools Halligan Style Forcible Entry 30 inch Alloy Steel

Item #:HAL1P30
MFG Part #: HAL1P30
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Product Description

The Council version of the Halligan tool is the newest addition to the forcible entry line. This forcible entry tool is drop forged in one piece from alloy steel. Working ends are heat treated for maximum strength, toughness and wear resistance. The fork, horn and pry are designed for leverage and strength. Widths and tapers are intended to allow easy penetration.

  • Forged-in ears (holes) allow for personal customization and strapping.
  • Overall length is 30″ Ė 24″ and 36″ also available.
  • Powder coated in a natural steel color for a superior finish and to deter rust.
  • Made in USA.

This is a fully forged, octagonal, halligan (similar to a Pro-Bar). Made of a high strength metal alloy, this is the firefighters choice for forcible entry.

Council Tools has been in business for many years. Council Tool Company is as much about people as it is about tools. After all, itís people who design the tools and manufacture and market them. The employees at Council Tool are hard-working Americans who take great pride in their work. Our employees have the skills, experience and dedication necessary to produce the quality and value youíre looking for. Council Tool employees, as of 2016, cumulatively have 500 years of tool-making expertise.

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