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EZ-Spanner 4 Hole Multifunctional Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench

Item #:182452
MFG Part #: 4001
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List Price: $399.99
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Product Description

Introducing a new tool that will save your back! Hydrant tools and wrenches have not changed over the years. You have a handle and a wrench. But now with the EZ-SPANNER you have one tool that does it all and no other feature suffers in quality. Efficiency at it's finest, it completely changes the way you open your hydrants.

With the EZ-Spanner leverage is the key! It allows you to open hydrants from a safe position. The extension handle increases leverage. The custom designed hooks for fittings and couplings.

4 Custom sized sockets fit all common manufacturer sizes and they are interchangeable in positions.

Made of high quality high strength aluminum, and parts are 100% stainless steel this hydrant wrench tool is built to last.

Closed it's only 19 1/2 inches long. The handle is 23 inches long when extended.

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