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Vanguard MK-1 Ultra Structural Firefighter Gloves

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MFG Part #: 7877K
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Product Description

The MK-1 Ultra by Vanguard Safety Wear is made with Kangaroo skin for enhanced strength and durability. This naturally water-resistant leather has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide making it highly durable.

  • 5 layers of 100% Kevlar knit for unprecedented thermal, cut & puncture resistance
  • A cowhide reinforced back shell provides long-term radiant heat resistance
  • The NFPA 1971 compliant moisture barrier blocks chemicals and blood-borne pathogens

  • The multi-layer, Kevlar knit with kangaroo skin palm and back of thumb provides remarkable flexibility, grip, and dexterity
  • A uniquely-crafted fingertip design allows for the highest levels of tactility
  • Precisely-sewn construction provides a functional, tailored fit
  • Sewn down palm layers for efficient grip

  • 100% Kevlar® and premium leather for rugged construction
  • Reinforced thumb design protects the high-wear area
  • Inner liner sewn and bonded at the fingertips
  • 100% Kevlar thread is used for all stitching

Construction Specifications

Palm: The glove outer shell on the palm side and along the finger sidewalls is constructed of textured water resistant digitized Kangaroo skin hide. All finger tips have a separately stitched rolled over portion of digitized Kangaroo skin hide about 4cm along the palm side and about 3cm along the back side to enhance tactility/dexterity. The second palm side layer and finger sidewalls layer is 100% Kevlar knit fabric.

Back: The glove back side outer shell is constructed of water resistant suede cowhide from the cuff edge to slightly beyond the finger crotches. The back of thumb down to the cuff edge is constructed of digitized Kangaroo skin hide. The second back side layer is 100% Kevlar knit fabric running the full length of the glove. The third back side layer is 100% Kevlar non-woven fabric running the full length of the glove.

Inner Lining: The glove inner liner is a smooth 100% Kevlar knit fabric. The glove is also fully lined with a Porelle brand polyurethane moisture barrier which is itself certified compliant to the NFPA 1971-2018 edition Standard.

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