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Steck BigEasy Lockout Tools Kit

Item #:202346
MFG Part #: STECK-32900
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Product Description

The BigEasy™ Tool Kit has all of the tools you need to actuate the door handle, manual lock button, or electric lock button on more than 98% of all cars and trucks—any time of the day or night.

The high-visibility pink powder coating allows you to see and maneuver the 56-inch BigEasy™ Tool even in low light situations. It makes unlocking cars quick and easy—with no risk of damage to the door or weather stripping.

Kit includes:
  • one BigEasy
  • One Non-Marring Door Starter Wedge
  • One Paint Protector
  • One Lock Knob Lifter

This kit also includes tools to help you safely open the car door wide enough to insert and manipulate the BigEasy™:

The Non-Marring Door Starter Wedge is a smooth, lightweight plastic wedge that lets you gently pry open the car door far enough to put the BigEasy™ to work.

The Paint Protector goes into the door opening first to reduce friction between the car’s rubber weather stripping and the tool, protecting both the car’s finish and the glow-in-the-dark coating on the BigEasy™.

The Lock Knob Lifter is a specialized tool designed to grip and lift the vertical lock knobs found on several popular Japanese cars.

Note: EasyWedge is not included with this kit. Order EasyWedge separately. EasyWedge is included in the BigEasy™ Public Safety Lockout Tool Kit

  • 55 inches long
  • High Visibility pink powder coating.
  • Improved non-marring wedge. Now it’s wider, longer, and smoother
  • Lock Knob Lifter for cars with flat lock knobs at the top of the door
  • Paint Protector reduces friction between the car door and the BigEasy.

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