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SoundOff Signal nForce Interior Windshield Lightbar 18 LED - TRI Color

Item #:ENFWBFS-18
MFG Part #: ENFWBFS-18
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Product Description

Introducing the most customizable lighting system ever invented. SoundOff Signal & The Public Safety Store come together to bring you an Interior windshield led lightbar system that allows you to customize EVERY aspect and function that the lightbar does or does not do!

This product is the 18 LED TRI color light. Dual color means that each of the 8 modules in this bar are going to be 3 independantly control colors. It is designed to mount under the headliner (top of your windshield) in your vehicle. 8 led modules that are individually customizable. Each module in this configuration on this page has 18 leds and are a THREE colors. If you choose to order takedowns on this product, 2 modules will be switched from the color you choose to white and can be programmed as steady on / flashing for takedowns.

The SoundOff nForce Interior Lightbar is powered by Nexus Technology to deliver intense forward and off-axis illumination. When we look at the profile of the bar we see that this LED lightbar has a much lower profile than competing lightbars that prevents windshield and personal obstruction.

The nFORCE Collection of products now includes interior windshield and rear-deck lightbar models. These lightbars are available in bronze, silver and gold versions to tailor to your specific needs. nFORCE Interior lightbars are powered by SoundOff Signalís Nexus Technology to deliver intense forward and off-axis illumination. Both lightbars feature an extremely low-profile design to eliminate visual and occupant obstruction.

  • Powered by Nexus Technology to deliver intense forward and off-axis illumination.
  • Lower profile than competing lightbars for less windshield and personal obstruction.
  • Inboard LED module options: Amber/White, Blue/White, Red/Blue, or Red/White dual color 12 LED modules.
  • Manual dimming capability for nighttime use.
  • Cruise mode.
  • Universal model with adjustable mounting brackets accommodate most windshield angles for even greater compatibility.
  • Windows PC App software for ease of programming.
  • Certifications: SAE J845.
  • Visor Clip Mounting.

  • Specifications
  • Input Voltage Range: 10-16Vdc
  • Current per LED Module: 12 LED Dual Color < 1.0A @ 12.8Vdc
  • Wattage per Inboard Module: 12 LED Dual Color < 6.4W @ 12.8Vdc
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to +65°C
  • Dimensions Lengths: Varies by configuration.

SoundOff 5 Year Warranty

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