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SoundOff Signal nForce LED Dash Light - ENFDWS1

Item #:ENFDWS1
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Product Description

Color Selection: We offer this light in single colors. Each lighthead will be one color with 6 leds in each light head. It is NOT considered a "dual color" light. Of you wish to purchase a DUAL COLOR light (each light head is 2 colors) then we suggest the ENFDWS3 model.

Each lighthead will be single, solid color. Please keep in mind that if you order non common color configurations, the item must be custom built and will add to the products lead time. Questions? Call us!

New from The Public Safety Store & the wonderful folks at SoundOff Signal is the nFORCE brand of emergency vehicle lighting. The nFORCE uses a new reflector technology called NEXUS in order to make the light brighter, more intense and is able to widen the footprint that the light puts out. It's the brightness and quality we have come to expect from SoundOff Signal.

SoundOff has taken the design of this one step farther than others. In the beginning, the design team set up to make a light that is an elegant design just as much as it is bright. With today's vehicles having sleek curves instead of boxy designs it only makes sense that we make a light of the same caliber.

We have created dynamic angles, crisp edges and sleek silhouettes to minimize size and integrate with new police and fire vehicle styles.

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