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Red Vented Turnout Gear Bag

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Product Description

So here is the scenario. You go to structure fire - spray water and the fire and obviously you get wet. Your gear does too. When the incident is over and you begin to put your gear in your bag you think nothing of that wet turnout gear... Until...

The next time you put the bunker coat and pants on it's either still wet - or it smells like it's been in a zipped up closed up bag for a couple of weeks. Well actually - it has.

Until now! The new pink deluxe firefighter gear bag offers vents in the front and rear of the bag so it will promote air flow. The gear bag will keep your bunker coat and pants dry and will not promote the growth of mildew.

You have a large compartment on once side for fire boots and other accessories. The other has a smaller compartment for other items such as firefighter gloves, extrication gloves & more.

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