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Lightning X EMS Roll Splints

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Product Description

This bundle includes one 4.5inch x 36inch roll splint and three universal finger splints. Each splint is individually packaged. The Lightning X Universal ďRollĒ Splint has an extremely thin aluminum core covered by two layers of closed cell foam. This type of splint is highly customizable and can be used to splint virtually any bone in the body. Itís pliable enough to be molded to all sorts of shapes, depending on the injury and application. To apply, simply unroll and bend the splint to the shape of the extremity and wrap with self-adherent gauze or triangle bandage. Can also be cut to length using trauma shears or even ordinary scissors. Once applied, the splint does not have to be removed for x-rays. As long as the surface isnít contaminated the splint can be rolled back up and stored for future use. Fully unrolled the splint measures 4.5inch x 36?, but comes packaged in a compact 4.5inch x 6inch x 1inch size, weighing only 5 ounces

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