Extrication & Rescue Gloves

Extrication and rescue gloves from Ringers Gloves offer simply the best quality of rescue and extrication glove available. Firefighters around the world trust these same gloves to get the extrication or rescue job done safely.


Firefighters perform an extreme array of responsibilities and duties. Fire departments are tasked with an "all-hazard" response. This means that if it is an emergency and it isn't criminal activity, then it's probably the responsibility of the fire department to respond.

Firefighters need firefighter gloves and rescue gloves that will serve multiple purposes. Vehicle extrication, protection from blood borne pathogens during EMS calls and dexterity in order to perform everyday common duties.


Man firefighters have multiple specialized training and skills like rope rescue, trench rescue, large animal extrication. First responders demand gloves that are versatile just like they are. Extrication and Rescue Gloves are often times made in the US and provide a superior level of protection.