Firefighter Job Shirts

Job Shirts working around the station and on the job need comfort and warmth. We stock a large assortment of firefighter job shirts for every job application.


Also referred to as a "work shirt", a firefighter job shirt is a garment specifically designed to be worn by firefighters while on the job. It is made of a soft, warm fabric that is comfortable on the inside while providing the maximum strength and durability on the outside, protecting the firefighter from the elements while the job is performed. A firefighter job shirt helps maintian outstanding performce and ultimate comfort.

The Public Safety Store has an assortment of job shirts that cater to every budget and departmental need. Work shirts will often feature:

  • Warm enough for most climates in the winter but loose enough for most cool nights in the summer
  • Ribbed Cuffs to provide warmth and protection against debris from entering the sleeve area
  • Radio pockets if you wish to store your department issued radio in the job shirt
  • Kangaroo style hand pockets so you can keep your hands warm when idle (just keep on working to prevent the need for this! :-) )


Our selection of firefighter job shirts are a great way to start browsing your favorite brands like:


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