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Wire Hookup Kit For All Carson Sirens

Item #:101401
MFG Part #: siren-wire-kit25
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Product Description

Don't Forget The Wire

Ok so why do you need the wire? The wiring that is included with the siren and speaker kits are only about 1 ft from the siren and 1 ft from the speaker. Obviously you have to connect the two together. The speaker goes in the front of your vehicle. The siren goes in side and needs to connect to your speaker and the battery. So you need wire that goes from your siren to your speaker and your battery.

If you don't purchase this wire from us, then you must have your own wire in order to install your siren.

Kit Includes

25 FT 18 Gauge Red Power Wire
25 FT 18 Gauge Black Ground Wire
50 FT 18 Gauge Blue Speaker Wire ( 2 runs of 25 for total of 50 ft)
10 Connectors to connect the wire
10 Black 8 Inch Zip Ties to tie and secure everything

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