Top 10 Reasons To Become a Public Safety Store Customer

10. We are an industry leader! We have the experience that others don't. Many say they use the products, or have personal experience. But the same products we sell are the same products that keeps every one who works for us safe. We are firefighters, EMT's and other public Safety Professionals!
9. You Save Gas! Why spend the money and time to go to a shop when you can get the same experience right here! In an economy like ours, it's hard to justify that drive when you can purchase right here. No matter where you live, you can purchase products from The Public Safety Store without the expense of gas or parking.
8. We Have Real Local Presence. Anyone in the Kentucky area can tell you that we aren't just an online nameless, faceless store. We show up at fire departments, police departments, fire schools and ems organizations constantly demonstrating our products. If there is EVER a problem with your purchase we will take care of it.
7. Proud Sustaining Member of the Kentucky Firefighters Association! Kentucky Firefighters Association Proud Sustaining Member! As we said before, we are proud to have a strong community presence. We support the organizations and associations that support us! If there is an organization that you think we should become a member of be en route to our Contact Us Page.
6. Better product descriptions & photos.
We give you more information about each product, so you can feel comfortable ordering. We also present our products with the biggest and best photos possible, so you can rest assured that "what you see is what you get."
5. Lights & Siren Fast response to your emails!
If it's during the day, we usually respond within the hour, on the weekends and after hours, we still answer faster than any of our competitors. We know we have tested them. Some we are still waiting on responses to.
4. 100% Customer Satisfaction
According to our order ratings, every customer who has left feedback give us 100% satisfaction guarantee!
3. Made In the USA!
Most of the products we sell are made right here in the good ole USA! You support America in this tough times - something everyone should do more of!
2. Flexible Payment Options.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Paypal, Check & Money Order. We try to make it easy to order from us. If there is something that you don't like be en route to our Contact Us Page.

1. Lowest Price Guarantee!

If you see an authorized dealer selling the same product at a lower price, we'll match it. You don't spend one penny more than you have to but yet get the best service and knowledge available in the industry. How's that for a guarantee?

Have another question? Call us! We are more than happy to help. 1-800-646-1086