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TPSS EXCLUSIVE Cancelled On Scene EMS Firefighter Card Game - Worst Responders

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Product Description

Exclusively from The Public Safety Store - For The Brave Behind the Badge

You already know how to play it. It's like that one game with the black and white cards... you know - the one for normal people. So slide your gloves on and get ready for a product that my mother described as "honestly concerning".

Play it at the station, at the nurses desk while taking a break from playing poker, while you're dodging calls, or with your friends over drinks in what little off time you have.

If you work in health care, fire, or EMS, you'll appreciate the reality behind the twisted jokes, and hopefully open a dialogue to talk about the darker aspects of the job with your peers.

Cancelled On Scene Rules

Boot Rules:
To start the game, each player draws ten Blue Cards. The person who most recently pooped begins as the Deputy Chief and plays a Red Card. The Deputy Chief reads the questions or fill-in-the-blank phrase on the Red Card out loud.

Everyone else answers the question or fills in the blank by passing one Blue Card, face down, to the Deputy Chief.

The Deputy Chief shuffles all of the answers and shards each card combination with the crew. For full effect, the Deputy Chief should usually re-read the Red Card before presenting each answer. The Deputy Chief then picks the funniest play, and whoever submitted it gets a First Due Point.

After each round, a new crew member becomes the Deputy Chief, and everyone draws back up to ten Blue Cards.

Time Trade:
If a Red Card is played and you have more than one Blue Card that you think could win, you can bet one of your First Due Points to play an additional Blue Card.

If you win, you keep your point. If you lose, whoever won the round gets the point you wagered.

Through humor comes healing.

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