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Sound Off APEX LED Light Bar EPX3000 - NEW

Item #:EPX3000
MFG Part #: EPX3000
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Product Description

Introducing the new Sound Off APEX LED light bar. After many years of research and development, Sound Off has released the new APEX. This is the best of both TIR optics and linear optics. That means that the LED's will clear traffic and keep you safe.

There is another feature about this new light bar that will help you clear more than just traffic. This light bar has been aerodynamically tested for minimal wind resistance. Adding a light bar to the top of your vehicle does increase drag and reduce fuel economy, however, this is the most aerodynamic light bar available today. No official tests have been run to determine exactly what this LED light bar can save, but with gas prices as they are, every bit helps.

With the exclusive design, you have nearly 180 degrees of white light illumination power as well. This means that with the powerful scene and ally lights turned on, you can see from one side of your vehicle to the other. You never want to be left in the dark, with this light bar and Sound Off's exclusive design, you wont.


  • Our thinnest lightbar with a slim inboard module at just 1.6 (39 mm) height (see page 7 for all technical specifications)
  • 180˚ Scene Light option which uses Alley lights & strategically placed Take Down lights (see diagram opposite page)
  • Powerful LED Alley & Take Downs standard
  • 6 ultra bright, high bin LEDs per module for the brightest, fullest warning signal even in the brightest conditions
  • Fusion Technology optics on the end caps with new Alley light design that is positioned at just the right angle for advanced side viewing while operating the vehicle
  • Double sealed modules with sealed connectors makes changing out modules even easier & quicker (can replace/reconfigure inboard modules easily without replacing circuit board)
  • Replaceable End Caps can be removed while bar is still attached to the vehicle
  • Split Rear Arrow option available
  • Low Profile Mounting Bracket can be adjusted up to 1.25 on each side of the light bar to allow for positioning the feet to best match the contour of the vehicle roof
  • UV stabilized, durable Lexan polycarbonate lenses High grade aluminum extrusions on the top & bottom of the lightbar
  • 12 volt operation
  • Many Lengths available in 4 Modules at 36 (91 cm), 5 Modules at 43 (109 cm), 6 Modules at 50 (127 cm), 7 Modules at 57 (145 cm), 8 Modules at 63 (160 cm), 9 Modules at 70 (178 cm) & 10 Modules at 76 (193 cm)
  • Clear or Color Lenses in Amber, Blue, Red or Green
  • Compatible with Directional Arrow Switch (see pg. 17) for flexible switching with other equipment

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