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Firefighter LED Flashlight & Helmet Mount Combo

Item #:101398
MFG Part #: NB-5581
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List Price: $74.99
Sale: $67.49

Product Description


Firefighter LED Flashlight - High Power - Adjustable Beam

Firefighter LED Flashlights are becoming a standard tool among firefighting professionals today. The high powered Nebo Redline LED flashlight packs a very powerful 220 lumens of mini LED flashlight power. This makes it a perfect choice for your firefighting operations.
BlackJack Mount Included for Firefighter Helmets!
This led flashlight is built to withstand the same rigors that you do. You go out and withstand the heat and weather changes - so can this LED flashlight. You go out and withstand the heat of the fire - so can this Firefighter LED flashlight. You go and get wet as you fight the heat of the fire. The nozzle drips as you try to knock out the flames. This firefighter LED flashlight is right there with you allowing you to complete your overhaul and salvage operations.

Need to light up a wide area or a focused area? This light can do it. With a 4x adjustable beam, you can light up a small area or a huge area. Look for our pictures to give you an idea of the area! On it's focused setting this powerful LED flashlight will light up 150 Yards! That's a football field and half of another one!

This LED flashlight is the only one you will ever need. this is the BEST LED flashlight we can find out there. This mini led flashlight gives us 4 hours of continuous light output at the full 220 lumens. To put this into context on how bright this tactical led flashlight is - anything over 50 lumens will cause temporary blindness in humans. Using a CREE LED, this flashlight is over 4 times the amount that will cause temporarily blindness!

The light uses 3 AAA batteries and will last for the length of time shown below! 3 AAA batteries are INCLUDED!

LED Flashlight Modes

1. 100% Brightness - 220 Lumens - the brightest setting. Will cause temporary blindness when shined directly in the eyes of others. Do not shine directly in the face of others as a way to test this super bright LED flashlight. Runtime on this setting is 4 hours.

2. 50% Brightness - 110 Lumens - 1 Step down. This will give 8 Hours of continuous bright light.

3. 10% Brightness - 22 Lumens - Used for when you need a little light to get you through but you don't need to pull out the big guns!

4. SOS Mode Used for when you need to signal the S.O.S Morse code in times of distress. On a full charge this super bright led flashlight will last 72 hours!

5. Strobe Mode Don't need SOS but need to get attention or signal someone? Use the LED Strobe mode so that you can notify others of the signal. On a full charge in this mode this LED flashlight will last 72 Hours!

Length 4.5 Length 4.5 Diameter 1.5 Weight 0.428 lbs. Batteries 3 AAA batteries (included)

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Product Reviews

33 Reviews
76% (25)
6% (2)
0% (0)
3% (1)
15% (5)
12% Recommend this product (4 of 33 responses)
By Todd M.
Annoying on/off feature and weak areas
March 30, 2018
I have ordered from the PS store before and I have always loved their products. This one however has me concerned.

Many folks indicate that the red plastic an crack and fail in heat. The red plastic portion actually contains male threads that accept the female aluminum head of the flashlight. If that thing cracks from heat and falls apart - You will surely lose the head of your flashlight.

What's more annoying than that is... The flashlight doesn't remember your last setting. :( For example:
Turn it on the 1st time - You get 100% brightness. Turn it on a 2nd time and you get the next setting and so on. So if you had it at 3rd setting (250lm) and you turn it on next time you grab your helmet - It's gonna be doing a flashing pattern.

Here is what I will say though:
1) The Helmet mount is AMAZING and is worth the $$$. :)
2) The flash light would best be used as a spare for the car or truck VS that of mounting it to your gear in my opinion.

By Kevin
Nebo Redline Light
January 3, 2018
Nice Light
By Paul
Miami Fl
Excellent product
July 5, 2017
Very hard to beat product for the money. Fits any hard hat. Very rugged and bright light. Very light. Do not know it is there. Will purchase another for a spare.
ProsExcellent safety devise. Plenty bright. Very light weight. Can mount above or below rim of hard hat.
Nolanville, TX
Excellent light
July 5, 2017
Used this light several times now and it's been excellent. The size of the light makes it easy to wear on your helmet and decreases any additional fatigue or stress on your neck.
ProsAdjustability to focus where you need light the most.
By B W.
Baltimore Maryland
Great flashlight
July 5, 2017
As a rookie just starting out of the fire service this light is great as I can do a wide spread or a straight beam of light. It's extremely bring and saved my life as I had a mayday and as I self rescued I put the strobe on and looked up to ceiling.
ProsBright light Different mode Wide or narrow beam spread
By Pat
May 23, 2016
It's a good piece of gear - small and light, but puts out a lot of light. Wide angle light can light up a large area while the focused beam gives sharp detail to whatever you aim your helmet at.
The mount secures well to your helmet and the mounting screws appear to hold it well.
By Marshall
FF Light
February 8, 2015
I bought this light and thought it was great at first, then I lost the lens during a crawl through a confined space training. Got another one and the front lens broke off seal broken during a house fire
By Stephen
September 18, 2014
For the price i wasnt expecting much. I was very impressed on how well it works. Plenty of light and its not bulky like some other lights ive had. Love it will buy another one for my other helmet.
By Kristen
Great flashlight!
July 26, 2014
Works great in structure fires. Would highly recommend.
By Rod
July 9, 2014
As with other reviews, I have had two of these lights and with both the plastic part broke rendering the light useless. I now know why this is a cheap light, and I will be upgrading to a better quality.
By david b.
June 16, 2014
have two of the lights work great but the ring on the light has broken on both lights they are not tough and for a fireman that is not a good thing
By derek
nebo light and mount
April 4, 2014
Not a bad kit for the money
By 72C
Nebo Light w/ BlackJack Mount
March 11, 2014
Super easy to mount and adjust the BlackJack mount. Nice tailcap on/off button and glad the batteries are common AAA's. Super great product for the price.
By patti
firefighter led flashlight, helmet mount combo
March 2, 2014
very happy with this product, works well and fits firefighter helmet very well
By Keith M.
Breaks easily
February 17, 2014
I have had two of these lights and both times the plastic ring has broken. If it wasn't for that I would be a great light.

I wouldn't recommend this light as it's going to break on you.
By Kelli
Helmet Light w/Mount
January 2, 2014
I bought this for my son who is an Explorer with our cities Fire Department. The mount fit perfectly on his helmet and the light is awesome. My son loves this light and mount.
By Cyndi
helmet light
December 30, 2013
This flashlight was bright but not approved by our fire department. There was no rating stamped on the item. The department felt that the plastic end would melt in a fire.
By Cory
Nebo light
October 1, 2013
The flashlight is great, except the plastic piece at the end. It has broken twice on me. The first time I sent it back at it was replaced, but now it's happened to me again and when the orange plastic breaks the flashlight is useless. I do not want another one of the flashlights. Don't waste your money.
By Todd
Flashlight combo
May 21, 2013
Going from being just a police officer and always having/needing light to now a PSO. It's nice to know that there is an easy way of getting that light in a small package and not having to compromise. Bright light and its nice that it has a dimming feature so you don't have to have either all the way on or all the way off.
By Gino
Great light
May 2, 2013
Awesome light, easy to attach to the helmet too!!!
By Matthew
April 18, 2013
This light is very compact and super bright it out performs the stream light vantage hands down and you don't have to worry about those expensive lithium batteries
By Egan
Nebo Light and Blackjack Holder
April 15, 2013
I had the Nebo light before I ordered the combo. I just needed the holder for the light but could not find which style I needed. BJ003 is the style of the Black Jack Holder that comes with the light. Very sturdy. The light does not come in a package and is sold in stores as a display that does not have a package. Light is brighter then my streamlight and takes regular batteries (3 AAA). Which beats the over priced 123 batteries. I used this light on my fire helmet. Cheaper to buy as a combo.
By Andrew
Great flashlight
March 6, 2013
Excellent quality product and great value especially at the sale price. I would like some swivel in the helmet mount.
By Andrew
Great flashlight
March 6, 2013
Great value especially at the sale price. I would like to see some sort of swivel ability in the hemet mounting
By justin w.
March 1, 2013
its the best light i have used and simple to install
By Todd
ease of use
February 23, 2013
This flashlight is very bright and helps greatly when in a dark smoke filled atmosphere, or working a car accident in the middle of the night.
By John
Best Flashlight Ever
December 16, 2012
For the money - you will never find a better flashlight. The helmet clamp would stand a car on top of it. Strong.
By Cody
Good combo
December 14, 2012
The flashlight is a very effective unit, by far the best flash light I have ever purchased. Unfortunately, I was unable to use the helmet bracket for the style I am issued, but the light itself is outstanding. It is small enough to fit into a small side pocket on my pants, yet bright enough to pierce through yards of darkness to see address numbers on homes. Though I have not used it on the fireground yet, it's performance in normal use is phenomenal. As I said, I am unable to provide a review for the bracket, as it does not fit my helmet (or maybe I'm doing it wrong...?)
By Chris P.
Great Flashlight
May 28, 2012
Well worth the money, this flashlight is bright and reliable. I've already recommended it to other firefighters on my dept.
By Waldo
May 21, 2012
I had a blackjack for my wildland helmet before. It works great with the Pelican I already had. There was just something missing with the previous light i had on my structural helmet, and when I found this combo at the price, I could not deprive myself any longer. This is a great light on with the blackjack. I cant say enough good things about it, and recommend it to others whenever they comment on it. Only negative is depending where you mount it, when you let your shield down it will blind the piss out of you. A slight adjustment on where it is, and you are back in business. I recommend this to everyone, for any hard hat/helmet.