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Product Description

There are other glass breakers and strap cutters on the market, but Z-Rex is the first one to pull together all the one-off features into one lightweight, intuitive and comfortable-to-use tool. Replaceable and indexible V-notch cutters can simply be flipped around for a fresh edge on-the-spot, or replaced completely when you're back home. Two wrenches—oxygen and Hex—are built right into the body of the tool; and, while other companies use stainless steel that takes much more force (if it even works at all) we use one-strike, Tungsten Carbide for our glass breaker tool. After all, if you're down to breaking glass, this is not the time to be beating your fist against the window.

Z-Rex Features:

440C Indexable/Replaceable Cutters

Oxygen Tank Wrench

Carbide Glass Breaker

1/4” Hex Bit Driver

Finger Hole

Ergo Grip

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