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The Glove Keeper Firefighting Glove Strap

Item #:100808
MFG Part #: GF-GK1
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Product Description

THIS firefighter glove strap is made from heavy duty nylon. So you never have to worry about it welting when it is exposed to heat like a Velcro firefighter glove strap could.

But what makes this firefighter glove strap unique is that it does not use Velcro. It's the only firefighter glove strap on the market to be designed in this way. Instead the gloves are secured by a ball that slides up and down on the glove strap.

This design also prevents the firefighter glove strap to be dependable when exposed to the rigors of everyday firefighting. Velcro can obtain lint, and other debris which would not allow the Velcro on the firefighter glove strap to stay closed. In addition to that Velcro only has a certain strength. With the GloveKeeper firefighter glove strap, it's double retention, so you don't have to worry about loosing your expensive gloves!

The Glove Keeper continues with firefighter specific features that make this a super buy. For example, when you place your firefighting gloves in the Glovekeeper, you cinch the gloves tight to hold them. This creates another loop on the keeper so you could put your nomex hood and use this as a glove strap as well as a hood strap.

The GloveKeeper also has an additional ring, similar to a key ring, near the top to attach to your D-Rings on your firefighter turnout gear. This is a more secure way to attach the glove strap to your turnout gear. Don't worry about entanglement hazards in a structure fire, because this ring is specifically designed to break-away at 65 pounds. How's that for engineering?!

If your firefighter turnout gear does not have D-Rings, then simply use the traditional heavy-duty clip to firmly attach to any place on your turnout gear.

Are you a person who is the front line attack on a structure fire and are looking for a firefighter glove strap that will stand the heat? The GloveKeeper is rated to withstand 421 degrees Fahrenheit! For your everyday firefighter - that's hot. However IF you are crazy and you enjoy getting hotter than that, we have a Kevlar version of this same glove keeper to withstand more than 421 degrees that is made just for you!

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